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Q Product Overview

Our next generation Enterprise Student Management Solution. Q uses state of the art technology to deliver a fast, interactive and intuitive fully web-based application experience to end-users. Q works to proactively provide information to users not just data.

A small sample of some of the modules currently available in Q.

Basic Administration
  • Student Record Management - Demographics, Contacts, Emergency Contacts
  • Enrollment - Pre-Registration, Registration, Transfers, Part-Time Enrollment, Re-Registration
  • Health/Immunization
  • Calendar and Track Management
  • Dynamic Student Groups
  • Special Programs (Program Enrollment and Membership, Timelines)
  • State Reporting
  • Faculty/Staff Administration - Demographics, Permissions, Certifications
  • District/School/Site Administration
  • Discipline
  • Activities and Awards
  • Reporting – Built-In Reports, Data Analysis, Ad-Hoc Custom Reporting
  • English Learner
  • Services Management

  • Request Management and Request Editor
  • Career Plans
  • Classroom Editor
  • Walk In Scheduler
  • Teams
  • Master Schedule Editor
  • Course Catalog (Editor)
  • Schedule Loader
  • Course Linking
  • Supports rotating, mosaic, and block scheduling

  • Teacher Attendance (Roster, Seating Chart, Mobile)
  • Mass Attendance
  • No Show Processing
  • Office Class Attendance
  • Student Attendance
  • ADA/ADM Attendance Reporting

Grade Reporting/Assessment
  • Teacher Gradebook
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Standards and Benchmarks
  • Report Cards and Progress Reports (Paper and Online)
  • Transcripts (Academic History)
  • GPAs and GPA Ranking

And Many More
  • Parent and Student Portals
  • Special Education
  • Food Service
  • Student Body Accounting
  • Testing History
  • Student Document Management

Services We Offer

Implementation & Training
Our staff are highly experienced in implementing SIS systems. We are experts in everything from project and change management, process improvement, system configuration to end-user training. We know that implementing a new student system is often a long and hectic process. Our personnel can help your district minimize risk and implement a system in such a way that your users will not only love it but thank you for it.
Professional Development
Metamorphosis by Aequitas Solutions provides a unique, fun, interactive way to learn the ins and outs of Q. Click Here for more information.
Support Services
Our staff are highly skilled SIS experts. In a market where customer service is at unacceptable levels, we provide an option for K-12 clients to get the type of service and support they expect and so much more. Our supported districts also have access to the applications developed by Aequitas Solutions as part of their support agreements. This will not only insure that our clients are able to support all future district, state, and federal efforts but that they will be guaranteed a clean, easy option to transition their current SIS to our new state of the art, enterprise student management solution when and if the district wishes to.
Custom Development
We can easily build add-on modules or new applications to help districts support extended functions, new district efforts, or streamline existing processes.