A professional learning program developed by Aequitas to support educators, office staff, technology staff and administrators. Metamorphosis is built on Alludo, a self-paced, gamified learning platform.

Metamorphosis by Aequitas is about transformation and growth. A change of the form or nature of a person or thing into something different. Like the butterfly... it's a process. Learning is a continuous, lifelong journey and adventure. Your metamorphosis will be signified and recognized by a digital achievement badge as you undergo a remarkable transformation emerging with a mastery of Q.

MONARCH for Teachers

Our inagural Flight in the Metamorphosis program, is a unique learning and game experience for teachers that actively provides information and training using the life cycle of the butterfly Genesis, Instar, Chrysalis and finally Monarch.

As teachers play the game, they will learn about all of the features available within Q, a full-featured, web-based student management solution from Aequitas, ultimately having the opportunity to complete their metamorphosis by becoming a Q certified user.

Learners can engage anytime, anywhere and from any device. With Metamorphosis, educators can choose career training paths (what we call "Flights"), to play based on their personal or professional learning needs.

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